What to Bring to Your Appointment

By the morning of your appointment, please fill out an online Intake Questionnaire. Please consult your transcripts, and reserve about an hour to fill out the questionnaire.

Please bring the following materials to the first appointment:

  • Unofficial transcript(s), preferably for all institutions you have attended
  • A current resume or C.V. (academic resume) that provides, as applicable:
    1. Contact information
    2. Education, GPA
    3. Honors and awards
    4. Publications (any work you've published)
    5. Conferences (at which you've delivered papers or poster presentations)
    6. Research Experience (formal or informal)
    7. Teaching Experience (including teaching assistantships and tutoring)
    8. Volunteer Work or Public Service activities
    9. Academic Service activities
    10. Foreign Languages (languages you speak and your proficiency level)
    11. Employment or Internships (only if relevant to your academic or career path)
  • Samples of your writing that will help me get to know you and assess your fellowship eligibility, including academic writing and application essays to any scholarships, internships, graduate or other programs.  
  • If you will be applying to a particular fellowship, and have begun those application essays, please bring them to the appointment.

Please note that your appointment may take up to an hour, and there may be a short wait if another student is ahead of you.

I look forward to meeting you!

Joy Viveros, Ph.D.
Executive Coordinator and Advisor
Fellowships Office
Division of Graduate Studies, ADM 254

(415) 405-2128

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