Campus Deadlines

The following fellowships require university nomination.  For these fellowships, all applicants must apply by the campus deadline for nomination by SF State.

Campus Deadlines: Except for programs that require applications to be submitted online, applicants must submit a complete application to the Fellowships Office reception (Graduate Stop reception desk), ADM 250, by noon on the date of the campus deadline.

If the campus deadline falls on a weekend, applicants may submit the complete application at noon on the following Monday.

Submission Confirmation: If you submit your application to reception, and not to Dr. Viveros, please email her at to confirm that your application has been received.


 Campus Deadline       Applicants must apply by this date

Program  Deadline

CSU Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP) 

Circa February 1

Note January 24 Campus Protocol: Applicants are urged to consult with the Campus Coordinator at least one week before online submission: Email Dr. Viveros for an appointment:

Circa February 1


CSU California PreDoctoral Program

Circa February 28

Note February 14 Campus Protocol: Applicants are required to meet with the Campus Coordinator at least one week before online submission. Email Dr. Viveros for an appointment:

Circa February 28


CSU Trustees' Award Circa April 3 Circa May 15
Mitchell August 1 September 27
Marshall August 1 September 30
Rhodes for U.S. Citizens August 1 October 2


September 8 October 13
Goldwater November 1 January 31 of the next year
Truman November 1 February 4 of the next year

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

November 15 January 15 of the next year
Boren Fellowship November 15 January 29 of the next year
Udall November 15 March 4 of the next year