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Program Description: 

For students who are underprivileged, especially those who have been abandoned by family and other support systems because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, the cost of an education can seem an insurmountable obstacle to success. The Point Foundation believes these students should not be further disadvantaged as they prepare for the future. Through its scholarship program the Foundation invests approximately $1M annually in outstanding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

Program Benefits: 

A Point Scholarship covers tuition, books, supplies, room and board, transportation and living expenses, and is set up with the individual college or university to meet the needs of the Point Scholar. The average scholarship award per scholar is $13,600. The average total program expense that includes scholarship funding, mentoring and leadership training is $34,000 per year per scholar. Point Scholars receive more than financial support. Point strives to equip its Scholars with skills to ensure a lifetime of exceptional leadership. They are also in contact with a support network of professionals willing to be personally involved in their well-being and future success, a chosen family of caring individuals who understand.

Applicant Profile: 

Exceptional academic performance is one characteristic that Point seeks in all its applicants and subsequent scholars. Additionally, proven leaderships skills and the desire to make a difference in the world are highly valued. Each person who applies for a Point Scholarship is evaluated on the totality of their situation. Marginalization, financial need, academic achievement, personal merit, leadership, involvement in the LGBTQ community, professional experiences, personal and future goals are all taken into consideration. Must be “out” as a person and identify as a member of the LGBTQ community.


Undergraduate and graduate students of all ages are eligible to apply. Applicants in careers who are applying to degree programs are also eligible.


In exchange, all Point Scholars agree to maintain a high level of academic performance and give back to the LGBT community through the completion of an individual community service project. Each Point Scholar makes a personal investment in their own future by either working while studying or acquiring debt to help finance their education.


Students of any nationality, including undocumented students, pursuing a degree at an accredited U.S. institution are eligible to apply.

Program Deadline: 

Generally in January.

How To Apply: 

Students or alumni, as applicable, may apply directly to this program. Applicants are encouraged, however, to work with SF State's fellowship advisor well in advance of the program deadline to perfect their application essays and other materials.

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