Greenlining Institute Leadership Academy Fellowship

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Program Purpose: 

Greenlining Institute is a national policy, organizing, and leadership institute established by grassroots members of the African American, Asian American, Latino, and disabled communities to fight for racial and economic justice and against institutionalized discrimination. Rather than just fighting "redlining," the practice of denying services to communities of color, "greenlining" is a proactive effort to bring investment to these communities. The Institute was founded in 1993 on the belief that diverse communities are a source of unrealized assets and strength. Greenlining employs a multi-pronged approach to research that seeks to shed light on the inter-relatedness of constituent issues – for example, the ways in which housing affects health, which affects educational outcomes, which in turn affects wealth. Its research is an extension of its 'think and do' strategy: it works to provide 'shovel ready' solutions that create opportunities for change.

Program Description: 

The Institute's acclaimed leadership academy trains and nurtures the next generation of social change leaders, using a hands-on approach to learning and teaching. It is associated with Greenlining Coalition, one of the nation's most effective and longest lasting multi-ethnic coalitions – of nearly 40 African American, Asian American, Latino community-based organizations. Each year, 4-5 Leadership Academy Fellows are assigned to major public policy issues and are directly involved in Greenlining's research and advocacy efforts in critical issues affecting California's underserved communities. Fellows are also trained in core leadership skills and work in coalitions across race and ethnic lines.

Program Benefits: 

Compensation for the year-long Fellows Program is at $33,800, plus health benefits and a monthly commute stipend.

Applicant Profile: 

Successful applicants will have a track record of working toward social justice, working well with diverse groups, and leadership experience or potential. Applicants from diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, political and socioeconomic perspectives, and academic disciplines are encouraged to apply; there are no preferred majors.


Must have at least a bachelor's degree.


U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

University Deadline: 

Usually mid-February.

How To Apply: 

Students or alumni, as applicable, may apply directly to this program. Applicants are encouraged, however, to work with SF State's fellowship advisor well in advance of the program deadline to perfect their application essays and other materials.

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