Meet our Fulbright Fellows

Learn about our students or alumni who have won the Fulbright:

Creative Arts Grants

  • Jessica A. Walker, 2008-2009, Filmmaking, Australia: Shared Identities in Digital Media Culture
  • Karen D. Davis, 1994-1995, Filmmaking, France:  An Exploration of Interactive Cinema and the Documentary/Narrative Forms
  • Denise Nicole Pollentier, 2004-2005, Creative Writing, Iceland:  The Iceland Poem Project
  • ReLiang Tsang, 1999-2000, Art and Architectural History, Taiwan: Contemporary Taiwanese women artists working with technology
  • Robert Claar, 1975-1976, Film Studies, Yugoslavia
  • Joan B. Masunaga, 1967-1968, Dance, Japan
  • Lawrence R. Sherrill, 1949-50, Voice, Italy

English Teaching Assistantships

  • Elizabeth Fuhan Mason, 2022-23, Taiwan, Asian American Studies graduate student
  • Lea Gabay, 2022-23, Turkey; Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) alumna
  • Allie Rigby, 2022-23, Romania, Creative Writing graduate student
  • Mei Kelly, 2021-22, South Korea; Chinese language undergraduate alumna
  • Josette Marsh, 2019-20, Germany; Comparative and World Literature and German undergraduate
  • Lina Jurkunas, 2018-19, Turkey; English with a concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) alumna
  • Daniel Jeronimo Mota, 2017-18, Malaysia; Cell and Molecular Biology undergraduate
  • Ronald Allen Rose, 2017-18, Mexico; Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) graduate student
  • Lauren Brown, 2016-17, France; French Government program, International Relations undergraduate
  • Andrea Flinn, 2016-17, Jordan; Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) graduate student
  • Eduardo Gonzalez, 2015-16, Turkey, Political Science and International Relations undergraduate
  • Alexander Lee, 2015-16, Taiwan, English and Women & Gender Studies undergraduate
  • Phung Nguyen, 2013-14, South Korea; Education, Equity and Social Justice graduate student
  • Soraya Okuda, 2013-14, Taiwan; International Relations and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies undergraduate alumna
  • Meredith Simpson, 2013-14, Mexico; Bilingual Education graduate student
  • Christina Lorimer, 2011-12, Brazil; English with a concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) graduate student
  • Mark West, 2010-11 Azerbaijan; English/Composition graduate student
  • Christopher Graham, 2010-11, France; French Government English Teaching Assistantship, French language studies undergraduate
  • Ebru Akcasu, 2009-10, France; French Government English Teaching Assistantship, History graduate student
  • Kenny Loui, 2008-09, South Korea; Political Science graduate student
  • Raymond A. Mislang, 2007-08, Hong Kong; Japanese Studies undergraduate
  • Christopher K. Tong, 2006-07, Germany; Creative Writing graduate student
  • Pamela L. Hughes, 2005-06, South Korea; English with a concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL)
  • Jun M. Yamada, 2004-05, South Korea; International relations undergraduate
  • Flora L. Ham, 2001-02, South Korea; Child and Adolescent Development undergraduate

Research Grants

  • Kimberly M. Reyes, 2019-20, Interdisciplinary Studies, Ireland: Taught Master's in Irish Writing and Film at University College Cork; Creative Writing graduate student
  • Erdem Durgunoglu, 2013-2014, Anthropology, Turkey; Anthropology: Food Anthropology: Slow Food and whole-animal butchery
  • Illan Cerna-Turoff, 2011-2012, Women’s Studies, Uruguay: Evolving Notions of Female Identity Among Uruguayan Health Activists
  • Katrina Yeaw, 2009-2010, Islamic Studies, Syria: Voices of the Community: Gender, Piety and Legal Scholarship in Contemporary Syria
  • Kylene S. Guse, 2008-2009, Sociology, Brazil: Access to Healthcare: Ideologies and Practices among Brazilian Women
  • Caroline E. Dingle , 2001-2002, Biology, Ecuador: A Test of the Ecological Gradient Hypothesis in the Ecuadorian Andes
  • Michael Gest, 1998-1999, Germanic Languages and Literature, West Germany
  • Benjamin C. Wang, 1998-1999, Biology, Cameroon: Seed Dispersal by Hornbills in Disturbed African Rainforest
  • Catherine Diamond, 1991-1992, East Asian Languages and Literature, Taiwan
  • James Litchi, 1991-1992, History, Germany
  • Alison B. Cadbury, 1985-1986, Classical Languages and Literature, Greece
  • Andrew Burroughs, 1982-1983, Business/Management, Jordan
  • William Di Piero, 1972-1973, Languages, Italy
  • Constantino Lavezzo, 1970-1971, Education, Germany
  • Glen Burns, 1968-1969, Germanic Languages and Literature, Germany
  • Mary C. Sanchez, 1968-1969, Romance Languages and Literature, Ecuador
  • Richard Siebert, 1959-60, Western European Studies, West Germany


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