Pre-Doc Online Application Instructions

Submit an online application by the CSU Deadline:  

1.     Start at the website. 

2.     Register for a Smartsheet account to begin the "2024-25 California Pre-Doctoral Program Application." 

3.     To start using your Smartsheet account, check the email address you used to register, and then click the button in that email to confirm your email address.

4.     Login to your Smartsheet application to work on your application until the submission deadline. You may save your work and return to complete your application.

5.     In your online application, identify your Faculty Mentor's name, rank (assistant, associate or full professor) and other required information, including email address.

6.  Note that is your responsibility to ensure that the recommendation has been uploaded timely. If your Faculty Mentor fails to do so, your application will not be considered. Note: The online system will not invite your Faculty Mentor to upload their recommendation until you have submitted your application. Thus, they will have until Friday of the week after the CSU application deadline to upload their recommendation.

7.     Fill out all other required required fields.

8.     Download a fillable Application Budget Sheet

9.   In consultation with your Faculty Mentor, fill out and upload to your online application a pdf of your Application Budget Sheet, ensuring that the total is $5,000.

10.  Upload to your online application pdfs of your transcripts.

11.  Compose several drafts of your application essays, preferably in consultation with your Faculty Mentor and the Campus Coordinator.

12.  Upload pdfs of each of your three application essaysSee formatting requirements below.

13. Meet with the Campus Coordinator to have your online application approved. Email Dr. Viveros to schedule a meeting to take place least two weeks before the CSU deadline — that is, no later than February 2, 2024.  

14. Before your meeting with Dr. Viveros, please email her drafts of your essays and budget form.

15. Submit the online application on or before 5:00 PM, PST, February 16, 2024.

16. Please do email Dr. Viveros a copy of your final application essays.

Documents to be Uploaded as PDFs to Online Application:

Student Budget/Plan

Develop a proposed budget for how you will spend your Pre-Doctoral funds during the award year. The activities should total exactly $5,000.  

Download a fillable Application Budget Sheet

Formatting Instructions: 

      PDF file name: Your Last name and First Name, Budget

Application Essays 

The Pre-Doctoral Program application is supported by three essays, of 300-600 words each, in which you will address:

  1. Describe the field of study in which you would like to pursue a doctoral degree and the research questions or theoretical perspectives that interest you in this field. Although you should be specific, please use language that someone outside of your discipline would understand. 

  2. What elements of your educational, research, community service and/or personal experience have contributed to your interest in and preparation for pursing doctoral study, and your determination to succeed in it?

  3. Many professionals with doctoral degrees enter careers to serve as college and university faculty, and most faculty serve a diverse student body. Describe your interest in a faculty career and experience you have had, or plan to have, that would prepare you for it.

Formatting Instructions 

      Header: Your Name, Essay Number (1, 2 or 3) and/or (set forth the) Prompt.

      PDF file name: Your Last Name and Initial of First Name, Essay Number (1, 2, or 3).


Be sure to upload a transcript from each institution you have attended, including community colleges (if you received a degree there) or other colleges or universities. Although unofficial transcripts are allowed, if possible please submit official transcripts. If sent you to by U.S. mail, you will have to open the envelopes in which the official transcripts are sealed in order to scan and upload them. 

Faculty Recommendation

Remember to keep in touch with our Faculty Mentor to ensure that they upload the online recommendation no later than Friday the week following the CSU application deadline

Resources for Applicants

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