Pre-Doc Application Overview

Overview of the California Pre-Doctoral Program Application Process:

  1. Review or download a copy of this year's application guide;

  2. Seek a Faculty Mentor (an SF State faculty member in your field — an assistant, associate or full professor, but not a lecturer or visiting professor from another institution) who knows you well and is willing to support your application to the Pre-Doctoral Program, and to serve as your mentor during the award year;

  3. Ask your Faculty Mentor to provide you with an in-depth recommendation.

  4. Complete an online application (see Application Instructions). 

  5. Invite your Faculty Mentor, through the online application, to submit a reference on your behalf. Note:Your Faculty Mentor will not be able to upload their recommendation until you have submitted your application. Your mentor may submit their recommendation up to Friday of the week after the CSU application deadline.

  6. In collaboration with your Faculty Mentor, develop an Application Budget for the funded activities you will engage in to prepare for entering a doctoral program;

  7. Compose your application essays in consultation with your Faculty Mentor;

  8. The program also encourages you to seek support from the Campus Coordinator. If you would like feedback on your application essays, seek a meeting with Dr. Joy Viveros, SF State's California Pre-Doctoral Program Campus Coordinator, by emailing her at

  9.  At least two weeks before the campus deadlineschedule a meeting with Dr. Viveros to review and approve your application.

  10. Upload your transcripts and essays to your online application; conform your documents to the "Formatting Instructions" on our Application Instructions.

  11. Submit your online application by the CSU deadline.

  12.  Follow-up with your Faculty Mentor to ensure that the recommendation is submitted timely. Note: Your Faculty Mentor will not be able to upload their recommendation until you have submitted your application, and thus they have up to the Friday following the CSU deadline to submit the recommendation.

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