Meet Our CDIP Fellows

The Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program has announced CDIP Fellows from 2014 Forward; San Francisco State University's list of CDIP Scholars thus begins in this year.

2022-2023 SF State CDIP Fellows

  • Richard Aziz

          Doctoral program in Exercise Physiology and Human Performance

          Faculty Sponsor: Kent Lorenz

          Doctoral program in Gender Studies, Science and Technology Studies

          Faculty Sponsor: Katsuri Ray

  • Mostafa Mostafa 

          Doctoral program in Leadership and Management

          Faculty Sponsor: Kent Lorenz

           Doctoral program in Sociology of Race and Gender

           Faculty Sponsor: Valerie A Francisco-Menchavez

           Doctoral program in Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

           Faculty Sponsor: Dane Johnson

2021-2022 SF State CDIP Fellow

          Doctoral Program in Management of Complex Systems

          Faculty Sponsor: Leora Nanus

2020-2021 SF State CDIP Fellows

          Doctoral Program in Education

          Faculty Sponsor: Kathleen Mortier

​          Doctoral Program in Biological and Biomedical Sciences

          Faculty Sponsor: Christopher A. Moffatt

​          Doctoral Program in Education

​          Faculty Sponsor: Amber Friesen

          Doctoral Program in Political Science

          Faculty Sponsor: Marcela García-Castañon

​          Doctoral Program in Special Education

          Faculty Sponsor: Janelle Rodl

​          Doctoral Program in Mathematics and Statistics

          Faculty Sponsor: Emily Clader

2019-2020 SF State CDIP Fellows

          Doctoral Program in History

          Faculty Sponsor: Cesar Rodriguez

          Doctoral Program in Mathematics and Statistics

          Faculty Sponsors: Frederic Ardila and Matthias Beck

  • Carlos Macias Prieto

          Doctoral Program in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

          Faculty Sponsor: Kenneth Monteiro

          Faculty Position: Assistant Professor

          Spanish, Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures

          Williams College

2018-2019 SF State CDIP Fellows

          Doctoral Program in Special Education

          Faculty Mentor: Professor Kathleen Mortier

          Doctoral Program in Geography

          Faculty Mentor: Professor Leora Nanus

          Author of Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State

          Doctoral Program in Cell and Molecular Biology

          Faculty Mentor: Professor Carmen Domingo

2017-2018 SF State CDIP Fellows

          Doctoral Program in Sociology

          Doctoral Program in Counseling Psychology

2016-2017 SF State CDIP Fellows

          Doctoral Program in Anthropology

          Doctoral Program in Teaching and Teacher Education

2014-2015 SF State CDIP Fellows

  •  Ashley Larson

           Doctoral Program in Media Arts

           Faculty Position: Assistant Professor

           Department of Broadcast Communication Arts (BECA)

           San Francisco State University

            Doctoral Program in Education

            Faculty Position: Assistant Professor

            Notre Dame Center for STEM Education

            University of Texas at Austin

           Doctoral Program in Environmental Studies

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