Graduate Fellowships Hub

The Director of the Fellowships Office is available to assist graduate students and recent alumni in applying for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships, as well as system-wide scholarships and fellowships offered by the California State University system. The opportunities provided by these fellowships include generous funding for graduate studies, as well as research experience and prestigious internships in the U.S. and abroad.

Becoming a Fellow

  • Successful applicants will have strong records of academic or artistic achievement, leadership, and public service activities.
  • If you would like to “preview” your current preparation to apply for a nationally competitive fellowship, please answer these brief questions: 

    Are You Ready to Compete for a Fellowship?

To learn more about what applying for a fellowship is like, visit "The Writing Wall" where applicants share their experiences.

Feel free to make an appointment to explore the possibility of pursuing a nationally competitive scholarship, fellowship, or grant in your field or area of professional interest. To make an appointment, email Dr. Joy Viveros, or call the reception desk to schedule an appointment: (415) 338-2103.

Reception staff will direct you to fill out and submit an online Intake Questionnaire by the morning of the appointment. Please reserve at least an hour to complete the questionnaire.