CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement


Please consult the program website to confirm details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Description and Benefits: 
The CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement is a merit based award to recognize CSU students who have overcome adversity, have demonstrable financial need, and attributes of merit including superior academic performance, significant personal achievements, and exemplary community service. Twenty scholarships of $6,000 each are awarded annually. Trustees’ Awards include the $8,000 Galinson for exemplary public service. The highest scoring recipient, designated the Trustee Emeritus Ali C. Razi Scholar, receives a $15,000 award.
Application Process: 
Applicants must submit the following materials together to SF State's Fellowships Office (Grad Stop reception, ADM 250) by the campus deadline: a complete application, including (1) personal statement; (2) a written version of a 3-minute speech containing highlights of the personal statement; (3) a video-recording of the 3-minute speech (download Application Instructions below which explain how to upload video of the speech to iLearn site); (4) a short biography; (5) two letters of recommendation collected by applicant, at least one from a San Francisco State University faculty member–on letterhead, signed, and addressed to the CSU Trustees’ Award Selection Committee; (6) a transcript from each institution applicant has attended; (7) Application Checklist and Applicant Information Form with GPA and units signed off by the Office of the Registrar, and financial need signed off by the Office of Financial Aid. Note: International Students follow a different procedure for documenting financial need; see below. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ DOCUMENTING FINANCIAL NEED: Financial Aid determines the financial need of U.S. students based on the FAFSA they have filed. U.S. students receiving financial aid have unmet need, and Financial Aid will be able to sign off on this. U.S. students who have not yet filed a FAFSA for the upcoming academic year should do so immediately: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa/filling-out/fsaid. The earliest time when Financial Aid would be able to determine financial need is seven working days after the FAFSA has been filed. International students should contact Dr. Viveros for information about how they should document financial need. ____________________________________________________________ DURING THE 2020 CAMPUS CLOSURE: DOWNLOAD THE *CSU Trustees Award--Program Description and Application Instructions (SFSU 2020)* BELOW TO LEARN HOW DOMESTIC STUDENTS MAY DOCUMENT FINANCIAL NEED WITHOUT COMING TO CAMPUS. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ For examples of what the biography should contain, see the biographies of prior years' CSU Trustees' Award recipients at: https://www2.calstate.edu/csu-trustee-awards. Click on the "Meet the Awardees" button. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applicants should be able to record the 3-minute speech on a laptop or smartphone. Please ensure that the image is vertical. If using a smartphone, the "home" button should be on the right side. Those who do not have a means of recording the 3-minute speech should contact Dr. Viveros (fellows1@sfsu.edu) to schedule an appointment to have their speech recorded. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Trustees will select for remote video-interviews nominees being considered for the highest of the awards, which range from $8,000 to $15,000.
SF State applicants must be enrolled as a full-time SF State undergraduate or graduate student in any major field; be in good academic standing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0; demonstrate financial need (see above: "DOCUMENTING FINANCIAL NEED"); and remain a full-time SF State student during the next academic year.
All recipients of the CSU Trustees’ Award are required to attend the awards ceremony at the Board of Trustees Meeting in Long Beach. Transportation expenses will be covered by the CSU Foundation. The awards presentation are usually held in September. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Award recipients must remain enrolled full-time for both semesters of the upcoming academic year.
Students of any nationality may apply.
Program Deadline: 
The CSU systemwide deadline, usually in May, does not apply directly to students, who must apply by the University's campus deadline.
University Deadline: 
Complete applications must be delivered to Dr. Joy Viveros, Grad Stop reception, ADM 250, by Noon on April 3, 2020. If you do not hand your application personally to Dr. Viveros, please email her at fellows1@sfsu.edu to request receipt confirmation.
More information: 

To apply, you will need to download the Program Description and Application Instructions -- and, for International Stuents, the Financial Need Form:

  1. CSU Trustees Award--Program Description and Application Instructions (SFSU 2020)

If you are an international student or undocumented student, please use the following form to specify your financial need:

     2. CSU Trustees Award--Financial Need Form for International Students (SFSU 2020)

See here examples of CSU Trustees' Awardee biographies. Click on the "Meet the Awardees" button.

Visit the Fellowships Office "Meet Our Fellows" page for a complete list of SF State CSU Trustees' Award winners. Scroll down to "CSU TRUSTEES' AWARD."

How To Apply: 
Applicants must apply for nomination through the University by the campus deadline. Please note that nomination is not guaranteed. Applicants are encouraged to work with the Fellowships Office well in advance of the campus deadline to perfect the personal statement, speech, and other application materials. If you would like to do so, please email Dr. Viveros at fellows1@sfsu.edu for an appointment.