Online Application Instructions

Submit an online application by the Campus Deadline:

1.     Start at the 2017-18 Sally Casanova Scholarship” page.  Under Application Tools, click on “Apply.”

3.     You will then land on the “Login for Users” page:

a.      In order to register for an InfoReady account, scroll to the “Login for Other Others” section and click on “Register.”

b.     To create an account, provide your first and last name, an email address, and a password. 

c.      Also “Enter the Text Below” to prove you’re not a robot. 

d.     Then click “Create an Account.”

4.     You will receive an email from the CSU Chancellor’s Office InfoReady Review service asking you to click the “Confirm Account” button.

5.     Once again, you will land on the Online Application Website, where you will again click on “2017-18 Sally Casanova Scholarship.”

6.     Fill out the online Application Form.

7.     Upload pdfs of your transcripts.

8.     Upload pdfs of each of your three application essays.

9.     Scroll to the bottom of the California Pre-Doctoral Program "How to Apply" page to download a pdf of the Student Budget Plan

10. In consultation with your Faculty Sponsor, fill out and upload a pdf of your Student Budget Plan, ensuring that the total is $3,000.

11. Scroll to the bottom of the page at the California Pre-Doctoral Program "How to Apply" page  to download pdfs of the Faculty Sponsor Form and Faculty Letter of Recommendation instructions; provide both forms to your Faculty Sponsor

12. Obtain your recommender's Faculty Sponsor Form and Recommendation Letter, signed and on letterheadby the campus deadline.

13. Upload the Faculty Sponsor Form and Recommendation letter to your application by the campus deadline.

14. Meet with the Campus Coordinator to have your online application submission approved. Email Dr. Viveros at least one week before the campus deadline -- that is, no later than February 17, 2017 -- to schedule this appointment.  

15. Email as attachments or bring hard copies of your application essays and budget form to the meeting with Dr. Viveros.

16. Submit the online application on or before February 24, 2017.

Documents to be Uploaded to Online Application:

Student Budget/Plan

Develop a proposed budget (“Student Plan”) for how you will spend your Pre-Doctoral funds during the award year.  The activities should total exactly $3,000.  Scroll to the bottom of the "How to Apply" page of the California pre-Doctoral Program website to find a blank "Student Budget/ Plan."

Application Essays

The Pre-Doctoral Program application is supported by three essays, of 300-600 words each, in which you will address:

  1. The field of study in which you would like to pursue a doctorate. The elements of your educational, research, community service, and/or personal experience that have led you to this interest;
  2. The research questions that will drive your proposed research. The historical and theoretical perspectives of this research topic. How your proposed research will fill a gap in the literature. How your research will contribute to the greater good.
  3. Why you wish to obtain a doctorate, including your interest in becoming a faculty member at a college or university.  Experiences that have helped prepare you for a career as a faculty member.

Provide your name and indicate your campus (SF State) at the top of each essay page.


Be sure to upload a transcript from each institution you have attended, including community colleges or other colleges or universities, even if you did not receive a degree from these institutions. Although unofficial transcripts are allowed, if at all possible please submit official transcripts. You will have to open the envelopes in which the official transcripts are sealed in order to scan and upload them. 

Faculty Sponsor Form and Faculty Sponsor Recommendation letter

These documents can be found at the bottom of the California Pre-Doctoral Program "How to Apply" page.  You as applicant arresponsible for ensuring that you receive these from your Faculty Sponsor and upload both documents to your application by the campus deadline.

If your Faculty Sponsor would like to submit a confidential recommendation, please contact Dr. Viveros to make arrangements.  Your appointment with Dr. Viveros to upload the confidential recommendation must take place before the online submission deadline.