Kala Artist-In-Residence Program


Please consult the program website to confirm details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Purpose and Description: 
At Kala, Artists-In-Residence work in a productive and professional communal studio alongside other working artists. In this self-driven experience, artists are expected to respect the equipment, the studio working environment, and to bring their own consumable supplies (paper and ink). Kala’s large print studio and electronic media center do not close and are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Resident artists have their own keys and are welcome to use the studio whenever they choose as long as they abide by the terms of their contract. All artists receive their own onsite storage. On successful completion of a residency, artists may apply for longer residencies.
Artists who apply for a residency should be familiar with at least one of the media offered at Kala.
All artists are asked to donate one print (or equivalent from an edition or multiple) per contract to its growing archive, which began in 1974 and includes work from every artist that has worked at Kala.
Selection Criteria: 
Considerations for acceptance are conceptual creativity and technical knowledge.
There are no citizenship limitations associated with this residency.
Program Deadline: 
There are three application deadlines annually: generally in mid-March, mid-July and mid-October.
How To Apply: 
Information on this program is offered for the benefit of our students. The Fellowships Office does not at this time, however, work with applicants to this program.