Stegner Fellowship


Please consult the program website to confirm details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Purpose and Description: 
Unique among writing programs, Stanford University offers ten two-year fellowships each year, five in fiction and five in poetry. All the fellows in each genre convene weekly in a 3-hour workshop with faculty. Fellows are regarded as working artists, intent upon practicing and perfecting their craft. There are no curricular requirements other than workshop attendance and writing. The program offers no degree.
Program Benefits: 
Fellowships include a living stipend of approximately $26,000 per year. In addition, fellows' tuition and health insurance are paid for by the Creative Writing Program.
Applicant Profile: 
The Stanford Creative Writing Program's students are diverse in style and experience, with talent and seriousness being the true common denominators. No school of writing is favored by the Stegner Fellowship over any other.
No degrees or tests are required for admission, and chronological age is not a consideration.
The Stegner Fellowship is a full-time academic commitment, and is not intended to be pursued concurrently with another degree program. Fellows must live close enough to Stanford to be able to attend workshops, readings, and events.
Selection Criteria: 
In awarding fellowships, the selection committee considers the quality of the candidate's creative work, potential for growth and ability to contribute to and profit from the Creative Writing Program's writing workshops.
The program welcomes applicants of all nationalities.
Program Deadline: 
Usually December 1.
How To Apply: 
Students or alumni, as applicable, may apply directly to this program. Applicants are encouraged, however, to work with SF State's fellowship advisor well in advance of the program deadline to perfect their application essays and other materials.