Funding for Admitted Students

The Fellowships Office does not work with students until they are officially enrolled at San Francisco State. Once you have settled in to your first or second semester at the University, feel free to make an appointment with Dr. Viveros, SF State's Fellowship Advisor.


Incoming S.F. State graduate students should note that they may be eligible to apply for the following fellowships:


The Fellowships Office also does not advise on scholarship searches. The following information is provided, however, to assist prospective students in their search for funding.
Incoming students seeking scholarships may wish to refer to the following resources:
  • The Fellowships Office maintains a select list of scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. These scholarships have been selected for one of the folowing reasons: (1) they support a constituency not often identified for support by other scholarships (i.e., student parents), (2) they are prestigious and would enhance your resume or CV, or (3) they offer significant funding. 
  • The University's Office of Financial Aid's Scholarships website lists scholarship opportunities by year in school. Its "Quick Search" scholarship list identifies scholarships for which high school students, transfer students, freshmen, graduate students, and international students are eligible to apply. For scholarships administered by SF State, navigate to the Academic Works Scholarships page.

  • For scholarships by identity, national deadline and year in school, see also U.C. Berkeley's Scholarship Connection.
  • Incoming graduate students should review the opportunities available on the Division of Graduate Studies' Financing Your Education page. 
  • Admitted graduate students who are California residents, from educationally or economically disadvantaged backgrounds and with outstanding academic records, will be especially interested in the Graduate Equity Fellowship
  • Admitted graduate students from out-of-state may be interested in letter their admitting department know of their interest in being considered for a Provost Scholar Award.