Ten Thousand Degrees Child Care Scholarships


Please consult the program website to confirm details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Description: 
10,000 Degrees administers child care scholarships up to $12,000 per child for student-parents who are residents of Marin County and enrolled in college.The scholarship pays for a portion of a child's day care while the parent is enrolled in college. The award amount depends on the parents' enrollment status and the cost of childcare. The scholarship is renewable annually provided that the parent maintains satisfactory progress. Must be a Marin County resident, a student-parent with financial need, enrolled in a minimum of 6 units in an accredited California school, working towards the first bachelor's degree, associate's degree, license or certificate. The children must be under the age of 11 and attending a licensed child care facility. Checks are sent to and made payable to the child care provider. Applicants must submit a tax return. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Parents should parents submit their application at least two months in advance of the desired start date.
How To Apply: 
Information on this program is offered for the benefit of our students. The Fellowships Office does not at this time, however, work with applicants to this program.