SF State Pre-Doctoral Honorable Mention: Teresa Hodges

Teresa Hodges, Asian American Studies graduate student



An Asian American Studies master's student at SF State, Teresa completed a BA in Ethnic Studies at U.C. San Diego and intends to obtain a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies or American Studies. She enjoys being a teacher apprentice with Pin@y Educational Partnerships (which partners with the Filipino Community Center, SF State, City College, and the San Francisco Unified School District)—and is grateful for the way it enables communities to serve as sites of action, sanctuary, and inquiry. Participating in such partnerships allows her to see that her desire to facilitate identity, community development, and critical inquiry about race and social justice are within reach. Her participation in the Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference ("CMRSC"), co-organized by Prof. Wei Ming Dariotis has grounded, challenged, and empowered her to continue her graduate studies. Recognition as a PEP teacher and as a Pre-Doctoral Program Honorable Mention, alongside the support of faculty mentor Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, have been valuable to Teresa's process as an emerging scholar, and to her sense that she can meaningfully contribute to communities and institutions that advocate for social change. She is thus grateful, humbled, and continually inspired.
Update: In 2012, Teresa’s article, “Realizing blacknpinay: Negotiating Notions of Authenticity in Janet Stickmon’s Crushing Soft Rubies” was published in Asian American Literature: Discourses & Pedagogies.