SF State Pre-Doctoral Scholar: Thanh Nguyen

Thanh Nguyen, Special Education graduate student


During the year of the Pre-Doctoral award, Thanh was a graduate student pursuing her master's in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorder. At the age of thirteen, Thanh had her first encounter with the word "autistic" when her younger brother was diagnosed with autism. What started as an effort to aide her loving family in caring for her younger brother, became a passion for discovering new insights into the unique development of children impacted by autism.
As a Pre-Doctoral Scholar, Thanh worked closely with Dr. Pamela Wolfberg as a research assistant and intervention facilitator on the integrated Play Groups research project, funded by Autism Speaks in partnership with SF State and the Autism Institute on Peer Socialization and Play. In May 2011, Thanh earned her master's degree in Special Education along with an Autism Spectrum Graduate Certificate. Following graduation, Thanh continued to work closely with families and students with autism as an Integrated Play Group intervention facilitator. She also worked as a research project coordinator and lecturer here at SF State.
Thanh has recently joined the University of Washington Autism Center (UWAC) as a research coordinator/research associate, where she is working on a variety of research projects that examine early social-emotional development of infant siblings of children on the spectrum as means to identify early markers of autism spectrum disorder. Occasionally, you can find her soaking in the sun while daydreaming about traveling the world and gaining different cultural perspectives on life.
Thanh intends to pursue her Ph.D in Developmental Psychology, focusing primarily on social interactions, social-emotional development, and cognition in persons with autism.