Meet Our CDIP Scholars

In 2018, the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program began announcing CDIP Scholars; San Francisco State University's list of CDIP Scholars thus begins in this year.

2019-2020 SF State CDIP Scholars

  • Jose Lumbreras 

         Doctoral Program: History

         Faculty Sponsor: Cesar Rodriguez

  • Andrés Vindas Meléndez

          Doctoral Program: Mathematics and Statistics

          Faculty Sponsors: Frederic Ardila and Matthias Beck

  • Carlos Macias Prieto

          Doctoral Program: Foreign Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

          Faculty Sponsor: Kenneth Monteiro


2018-2019 SF State CDIP Scholars

  • Corrine Aramburo 

          Doctoral Program: Special Education

          Faculty Mentor: Professor Kathleen Mortier

  • Samuel Stein

          Doctoral Program: Geography

          Faculty Mentor: Professor Leora Nanus

  • Kenisha Williams Puckett

          Doctoral Program: Cell and Molecular Biology

          Faculty Mentor: Professor Carmen Domingo