Expand Your Knowledge of the World: Read Broadly

Please Note: Most of the following links provide unpaid access to these online publications.

Reading regularly in politics and current events will help you link your academic interests to the larger world.

Reading literary fiction and smart cultural criticism will, over time, give you flexibility in your written, and even verbal, expression: 

Well written, hip readings in contemporary culture will enrich your sense of play, possibilities, and cultural innovation.  Try these top rated blogs:


A word about vocabulary. Break the habit, today, of skipping over unfamiliar terms.  Look them up.  There are no shortcuts to developing a sophisticated vocabulary.  These online dictionaries are highly recommended:

  • Cambridge Dictionaries: an elegant resource that tells you ‘what is usually meant’ by a word, and gives you an accessible example of the word in its grammatical context.
  • OneLook: offers a short definition and links to other dictionaries that define the word in depth.
  • Wordnik.com: this site provides a wealth of contemporary examples of a word in context, and thereby strengthens your understanding of the word.  You can also hear the word pronounced, and link to a thesaurus and visual dictionary.
  • Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms will help you perceive the subtlety of and distinguish between similar terms.  This can be ordered online for less than $5, including shipping. Also useful is synoym, an online site that provides streamlined definitions, alongside synonyms and antonyms.